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Soy Cecilia Pastor y me apasionan las artes visuales,

prometo contar su historia de la manera más auténtica y con gran estética visual.

Casada, tenemos un perro de mascota pero siempre he sido cat person.


I'm Cecilia Pastor, passionate about visual arts. I promise to tell your story in the most raw and authentic way possible through visually striking images.

Married, we have a dog, but I've always been a cat person

What to expect

I am a Team Worker, all of your providers are there for you on your wedding day and we are here for you. It's important for all of us to work together so that all the experiences in your wedding day go on seamlessly.

- Never on your way but always there - I will be there to capture any moment, make myself available if you want a picture with your grandma. And give you space to enjoy every moment.

In my pictures i'm looking for the natural yet awkwardly beautiful in-betweens.

Yes I will pose you 10% of the time, but other than that I want the whole session to be an experience were you feel safe and confident to expose your true selves.

Each wedding is a new story  this is why, I create a preset for each wedding to set the vive as I felt it that day and to give the bride and groom the color correction that best fits their skin Tones.


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